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ROTBTD AU » The Maze Runner
wherein girls are also very much a part of the test, and Merida is a Runner, Jack is second-in-command, and Hiccup and Punz are the unexpected greenies

remember that scene in TMR when Thomas was all “I REMEMBER MY NAME” well here’s Hiccup under those circumstances & more

Bet you can't gif the entire Frozen.





u wanna bet m8?


I feel like my soul was just absorbed. :)

this person is powerful….

Jack? Yeah he’s pretty great. XD 
Don’t mess with him, he always wins. B)



W e recently adopted a couple of kittens. This one, Starbuck, enjoys chewing on books

dear fucking god


"Merida! Put those away!"
"C’mon, mom, ah’m just expressin who ah really am!"
"You’ll cause a fire!"
"MooOOOooom, ah told ya, ah’m learnin to control -" *table catches on fire*

Fire powers au!

"Come on, Hiccup. Let's have some fun."
requested by anon
TRACK NAME: Do you wanna see the lanterns
ALBUM TITLE: Jackunzel songs
ARTIST: Princessoftheglowingsunandflower-mun
TIMES PLAYED: 168 plays


Story- What if rapunzel’s desperation to see the lanterns wasn’t her own but due to the winter spirit named jack frost who always visited the tower constantly pushing the blonde to want to see the lanterns.Any way jack visits through the years trying to convince rapunzel to go out see the world leave the tower and see the lanterns.Unfortuantly jack is called away from rapunzel to assist the guardians in defeating pitch leaving her alone jacks gone for what feels like days to him which are actually a total of three years for her (he left when she was 15 returns when she’s eighteen) he goes to the tower seeing the window closed an odd sight compared to his memory he knocks and attempts to get rapunzel to let him in when she doesn’t he enters himself and finds her speaking to her chameleon “pascal” as he attempts to gain her attention the blonde passes straight through him causing jack to gasp and forcing him to accept a terrible reality she no longer believes in him and no longer can see nor sense his presence as she once did. Causing jack to realize he truly is alone now the girl who waited,the girl who believed in him is now gone leaving him a lone spirit without anyone yet again.


Jack: Punzel?

(knock knock)

Jack:Do you want to see the lanterns?Come on lets not delay. you’ve never seen the world before’ come on lets go!’ I promise with me your safe!”Promise you won’t stop believing.”

Rapunzel:I wont

Jack:Do you wanna see the lanterns?Ill take you out to see the lanterns

Rapunzel:Shh shes coming

Jack:Gothel wins this time

(Knock Knock)

Jack:Do you wanna see the lanterns?or see the ducks out by the pond.I think some rebellion here is over due don’t you think so to?you painted all your walls.”She’ll never know lets go!” Come on you must be lonely in this empty room just watching as life goes by.






(Knock knock)

Jack:please.Just let me explain…I’m sure your wondering where i went.The guardians said they needed me,and i fought for you.we took down pitch for you.please let me in.We’ve always had each other just you and me.If you forgot me i don’t know what id do…..Do you want to see the lan-terns

Jack:"I don’t want to be alone….please look at me."


Jack:"You’ve stopped believing…I failed.I FAILED you and i left you alone….its all my fault….i FAILED."


Anyway Comments are appreciated i love to know your thoughts on it i do read tags if you guys reblog and tag you opinions and i hope you all like it more works will be coming soon sincerely 

~glowingsunandflower Mun



Omg dude..

Can we all just appreciate the one dude who doesn’t feel the need to change his posture at all?

ALBUM TITLE: Tangled soundtrack
ARTIST: Mandy Moore
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when you lose ten followers at once.

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TRACK NAME: Spooky Scary Skeletons
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I’m so sorry but its just that time of year

so totally not soorrryyyy YHEAAAA!!!!!!!!!